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09:00 Meeting at the hotel by the guide. Transfer from the hotel to museum of petroglyphs “Qobustan”.
Located 60 kilometers from Baku is the open- air museum – The State Historical-Artistic Reserve “Qobustan”. There, on the site of ancient primitive people, you’ll see a lot of rock art pieces – petroglyphs. These rock paintings reflect the culture, economy, philosophy, customs and traditions of ancient people.
“Qobu” translated from Azerbaijani, means a ravine, narrow, hence Qobustan – the place of narrows and ravines. The rock paintings there were found in the 1930’s, the exploration of the area is still in progress. Archaeologists found more than 6,000 drawings on 1,000 rocks, ancient dwellings – caves and sites, about 40 mounds and more than 100,000 artifacts. The oldest of the found images belong to the Mesolithic era, but the scientists suppose that life existed there much earlier and can be dated far back, consequently Gobustan can be considered of the cradles of civilization.
Qobustan is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

13:00 Lunch at the local restaurant.

14:30 – Transfer from Qobustan to “Mud Volcanoes”.
After you will visit Mud Volcanoes. Half of the world’s 700 mud volcanoes—oozing, gurgling mounds of once-subterranean sludge and methane—are located in Azerbaijan, concentrated around Gobustan National Park along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

16:30 – Return to the hotel. Excursion finishes with good memories.